Filming a training video in Zambia

Filming a training video in Zambia


Training videos…

You don't need to watch the videos here, but you might enjoy them.

Some of the international organizations have produced excellent videos to help people understand how savings groups work. This section contains videos prepared by three different organizations: Aga Khan Foundation, World Vision, and Fundacion Capital. They are all different and we describe the differences below. They all have slightly different approaches to how groups run their meetings, and all of them differ slightly from the approach described on

Don't worry about that. All of these approaches work well - choose one, and stick with it and you will be fine. 

Aga Khan Foundation

The Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) is a private, not-for-profit international development agency, which seeks to provide long-term solutions to problems of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and ill health in the poorest parts of South and Central Asia, Eastern and Western Africa, and the Middle East. They produced an excellent, thorough series of videos to show program staff what savings groups are and how they work. They are not intended to train members, but they are very informative to lay people. They show scenes from groups in Tajikistan and Tanzania. (The following links will take you to YouTube).

Introduction and General Principles

The delivery mechanism: one year CBSG training cycle

3. Group Formation

4. Social Fund, savings, and credit policies

5. Record-keeping

6. Savings meeting

7. Loan meeting

8. Daily savings option

9. Annual share out


World Vision

World Vision is a Christian organization that gives humanitarian aid and development assistance. They work in 90 countries, and form savings groups in many of those countries. The following videos, filmed in the Philippines, show a meeting in great detail and are intended for everyone, including group members. However, they are short and concise; several are under a minute long. They give detailed accounting instructions, which the AKF videos do not. (The following links will take you to Vimeo, where you can watch the videos, or download them if you wish). 



Fundación Capital

Fundación Capital is an organization with a wide variety of initiatives to reduce poverty. In Dominican Republic, they formed savings groups, and the program staff there developed this video to show members, and anyone else, the steps of a meeting. This is a great video, short and clear. The link takes you to a five minute video on YouTube.

Enjoy any or all of these videos. No, don't watch all of them - that's too much. And remember, each program has slightly different procedures. Don't worry about that. Decide on your procedures, and then respect them rigorously.